Three Leadership Qualities you need to run a Successful Business

Published: 12th August 2008
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It is a well known fact that behind each successful business venture there is an inspirational leader. Consider big corporate entities such as Microsoft, Dell Computers or Apple Inc. What would Microsoft be if not for its great leader Bill Gates? What could have been the fate of Apple Inc had Steve Jobbs not been there? Similarly there wouldn't be an entity called Dell Computers if not for Michael Dell. Not only to run blue chip companies, even for a home business it is necessary to have good leader. So as a home business person it is essential that you develop the leadership skills within you to run your home business successfully.

Let us look at 3 essential leadership qualities you must have to be a true leader.

Have a clear vision

Every leader should have a clear vision. Then you should sell your vision to others. However before that you should first believe it. Unless you are totally convinced of your vision no one is going to believe it. After setting up the vision, your activities, decisions and actions should support that vision. There is no room for ambiguity. So whatever you do, it should be consistent with your vision. Do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. This gives clear indications of your commitment to achieve results. There will be temporary set backs so be patient and never give up. Lead by example and act as you preach. If you don't, nobody will follow you.

Listen to others

Listening to others is a very good habit we should foster in our lives. In business this could pave the way to open your eyes to perceive things from a different angle. Don't think you are always right or you know everything. Maybe your subordinate knows an excellent way to solve the problem at hand but if you are not willing to listen to him you may never realize it. In that respect this is an excellent way to find innovative ideas. Even if those ideas, advices or proposals look unrealistic and you do not wish to go by them, still it would be better to give them the impression that you value their ideas. That would keep them motivated to talk to you. Who knows the next time the same person might bring that breakthrough idea which will revolutionize your business fortunes.

Blame yourself in failure and give others credit in success

A team would undergo many failures as well as successes during its journey towards the vision. Ideal leader is a person who takes the blame of a failure of the team and offers the team members the credit at times of success. Just think about it. Won't it lift the spirits of the team drastically? Not only that it will lift the spirits, it will also let you earn the respect of team members as they start perceiving you as a real leader.

So if you are home business owner, check whether you already have these qualities within yourself to become an effective leader. If not, start fostering them now. has been helping women start work at home business for over 10 years. Visit their articles and advice pages to read hundreds of business articles that will make starting your business a bit easier.

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