The Amish Community living the simple Life

Published: 17th April 2009
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While many people know that the Pennsylvanian Dutch Country contains some of the most product farmlands, many do not realize or know that the farmers of this land are extremely different from most farmers around the world. What more these Amish people are different by choice.

The Amish continue to use horse-drawn power. The Amish live a very family-centered and simpler way of life which seems extremely fascinating to the eyes of today's society.

The Amish are very religious people who live by literal interpretations of the Bible and Scripture. Biblical commands to keep a barrier from worldly things are taken very seriously by the Amish. In fact they sincerely believe that worldliness can be an obstacle in their attempts to achieve closeness to God. They also believe that the outside world contains plenty of unwanted influences which could actually destroy their communities and their way of living.

The Amish do not allow the use of telephones or electricity within their residences. Doing so, allows the Amish to effectively keep away from modern world intrusions into their lives at home. The Amish continue to prefer farming as a way of life and feel that their families and lifestyles can thrive better in rural environments. Although tractors are not allowed onto the fields, modern farm equipment is used in combination with teams of mules or horses.

Automobiles are not used as cars are thought to provide easy access to the satanic "worldliness." Amish are often seen on buggies pulled by horses on the local roads.

This traditional group of people's sense of fashion is limited to plain clothing styles which earned them the name of "Plain People." So much curiosity is directed towards these people mostly because of their peaceful and simple lifestyle. In fact their seclusion from normal society is probably one of the key reasons behind the strength of their community.

The Amish have an admirable sense of unity and community spirit. The Amish never hesitate to help anyone who is in need. Barn raisings are an excellent example of this where neighbors give their time and skills to one another, for nothing in return.
Amish like to live a secluded life and do not enjoy all the curiosity and attention about their lifestyle. In fact they think that photography is forbidden by the Bible.

Without societies finding the need to restore "family values," plenty can be learned from Amish's simple way of life. Society has much to learn from their devotion to their community family and even about their self-sufficiency.

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