Starting a Welcome Service Business

Published: 30th November 2008
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Do your friends and family describe you as an outgoing person with a friendly and welcoming disposition? Do you love meeting new people? Are you looking for a job that would let you capitalize on your naturally exuberant and sunny nature? If the answer to the above questions has you nodding with enthusiasm, then you should seriously consider getting into the welcome service business.

Definitely one of the most enterprising and soul satisfying among a lot of businesses, the welcome service business is one of those rare opportunities that lets you be who you are, affords you the satisfaction of earning a living while you are at it and provides you with a chance to give back to your community and society.

Moving to a whole new place can be tough if you are completely new to the area. Sometimes the pressure of fitting into a community or a neighborhood, finding your bearings and adjusting to a new job can prove to be such a cumbersome and exhaustive process. A lot of people and families go through the drudgery of re-locating and adjusting that can sometimes take months on end to accomplish. This is why people can be neighbors for years and still not know who lives next doors!

Can you imagine what it would mean for people in such situations if they only had someone to welcome them, introduce them to the community and point them in the right direction?

This is where you come in. In a crux, the welcome service business is all about just that; welcoming.

This business is a community venture and requires you to be at the forefront always. Newly weds or new residents will always be in need of information regarding the area that they will be soon calling home. It will be your responsibility to provide them with the relevant information and also to help them adjust into the community. But wait, welcoming new neighbors is not all there is to this business. Your role can encompass a whole lot of other clients as well.

You could be welcoming a new baby, foreign exchange students or even just regular scholarship students, an entrepreneur, newly weds to name a few.

Newcomer Welcome Bag

A welcome service professional provides his customers and clients with a "Newcomer Welcome Bag." This bag contains all kinds of information that can help them in familiarizing themselves with their neighborhood and community. Some of the things that this bag should typically contain are information on locating grocery stores, areas and places to shop, utility service providers, good places to eat or order takeaways, hospitals, pharmacies, private doctors, events, and locations of furniture shops, the church or even just a simple place to spend some quality time. has been helping women start work at home businesses for over ten years. Their Welcome Service Career Kit includes everything you need to start your Welcome Service Business including an easy start program, which provides step-by-step guidance on how to build up your Welcome Service business within 29 days!

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