How to Make Your Business Run Smoothly

Published: 23rd October 2008
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Business success is what every businessman longs for, but running a business does not only mean that you should sit on a chair and wait for clients to come. It involves a lot of hard work and taking care of plenty of little, but important things. It is true that the success of a business depends on factors such as the business strategies, finance, technology and marketing, but the minor factors should never be overlooked or disregarded.

Running a business can be a very tough job, but in order to make your business run smoothly, you should definitely have a good system. A big system is formed by way of small-small parts and tasks. This article aims to explain how to make one's business run smoothly and therefore lists out some of the areas that you need to look into that will help the hassle-free running of the business.

Given below are a few tricks and tactics that one could utilize for the smooth run of the business. (Some of these might not apply to your business, but most apply to every businessperson):

Use a Tag line or special phrase explaining what you do, whenever you introduce yourself and your business to new clients. This is most likely to get you potential clients by way of "word-of-mouth" referral business. It also shows more confidence if you can explain yourself and your business without having to search for words when asked for.

Do not separately charge additional fees from your customers. For example, do not separately charge them for delivery expenses, phone calls or photocopies. Instead charge a higher rate on the job so that all those petty expenses are covered.

Let know your customer of the discount provided at all times. He would then know that he has got a lower price and he is regarded worthy by your business.

Make sure you use your mobile phone when making long distance calls. Also make sure you use it in hotel rooms since call charges could be relatively higher in hotels as well as when taking outstation calls.

Diversify, if you get more than half of your business from one distribution channel or customer. Depending on one person can be too risky. If he/ she or that particular firm fails, your business will be in big trouble.

Keep note of all the phone calls, meetings and appointments in a handy-book since failing to attend a meeting or loss of a phone number can mean loss of a potential customer, revenue, and profit. So do not ever write the important stuff in bits of papers.

Keep your customer happy, always. It is a fact that attracting a new customer is five times as costly as retaining an existing one. So treat them well. Try to build long-term relationships, instead of focusing on one-time transactions.

Build a customer/ client database including details of both current and past customers. It will be easier to follow-up and you are ensured that all their details are in place. Make sure they are contacted at least once a year. A client will be more than happy to hear a business person or firm wish him on his birthday, since he would feel remembered. He would then be loyal and would provide "word-of-mouth" referral business. This is all possible if you have a database. At the same time, highlight your best customers.

Always listen to what the customer has to say. Treat every customer complaint as an opportunity for your business to learn and achieve perfection.

If possible, join your Trade Association. By doing so, you will get to know more clients, competitors and would be more recognized at the same time.

Make yearly plans and follow them. Working according to a plan would ease and ensure the smooth operation of a business.

Make sure you do not compete on price alone. Find other means of non-price competition that would help you accumulate more (potential) customers.

Be friendly with the staff and employees. If they are kept happy and satisfied, you are ensured that they would work for the business's best interests.

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