Fight for What You Want

Published: 29th October 2008
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Fighting is a part of any relationship but we are not talking about the fighting that follows a disagreement. We mean fighting for your relationship. There are many examples of couples breaking up because they just didn't try hard enough. Sometimes it's easier to give up; to not try at all. A relationship should not be about taking the easy way out.

There are many reasons for having to work hard at a relationship. It may not involve your man at all. Maybe you face opposition from the family. Either your doting parents think he isn't good enough for you. Or it's his parents that think on those lines. Maybe there are cultural differences that prevent your families from seeing eye to eye, although you and your guy gel very well. You are an adult but your family still might not accept your feelings. What can you do to make things better? This is our relationship advice.

For starters, you can take the bull by the horn. Arrange your family to meet your guy in a calm, pleasant setting. The best thing would be to arrange a meeting outside of your home because your partner will feel at ease when he is in neutral territory. When they really get to know him as a person and not just some guy who won your heart, they might quickly warm up to him. Not all meetings will have a happy ending but it doesn't hurt to try.

Most of the time when two people marry and have kids, the families usually unite, putting their problems aside. So don't feel that you have to let your guy go just to please your family. If he is a great guy and he makes you happy, they'll learn to accept him gradually. Give it time.

Fighting is about working hard too. Say you just got married to the love of your life. Both of you have jobs but the pay is just taking care of the rent and the bills. You are not saving. Any future emergency, like a bad economy or ill health, will have you two struggling to stay afloat. So instead of complaining and worrying about your current situation, you have to be proactive. Can you aim at that fabulous promotion? If you know you deserve it, talk to your boss. No one else will speak for you. Maybe you can put in overtime or work part time. Having goals and working hard towards them makes life worthwhile. Plus, it strengthens the foundation of your relationship.

Then there are times we have to fight circumstances. Say you or your partner is transferred to another state by the company and it's a life changing opportunity. What do you do? This is the kind of situation that tests couples. But that's only what it is, a test. It doesn't have to be 'win or lose' for either of you. There can be a way for you or your guy to accept the offer and for the other partner to continue with his/her career and lifestyle. If you have the strength to persevere, you'll think of something! has been helping women work from home for over 10 years. Now, Bizymoms strives to share valuable information and advice on relationships. Bizymoms has more great relationship advice articles in their new and redesigned relationship section. Visit Today.

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