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Published: 03rd December 2008
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Everything in this world is getting complicated day by day and people find themselves getting involved in a lot of work and getting busy. Most people, irrespective of their gender and age, are now getting themselves employed and hence are filled with busy schedules leaving them less room and time to deal with their personal lives.

Due to this matter, which is the clash in business / office life and one's personal life, people undergo a lot of problems and hence suffer from stresses and strain. This is where one needs the advice of an expert, specializing in the area of handling and resolving personal problems and matters. This article therefore aims to give some expert advice for personal matters and to explain to whom one could go to, to seek such advice.

Personal problems are a serious issue when it comes to anything, be it at work or at leisure (while he/she is at home). These personal problems may be due to problems of and issues with one's parents, spouse, children, or friends. Problems with them and problems caused because of them could influence a person's life, his/her behavior and attitudes and this could pose problems to those around the person who is affected by such personal issues.

Some common issues and advices by experts who specialize in dealing with personal matters are explained below:

Your parents, spouse and children might always keep complaining because they do not see you and have relatively less time to stay with you. In other words, if you have devoted less time for them, they will keep blaming you and this would cause stress. For this, you should not mix up your personal and office lives. Spend some quality time with your parents, spouse and kids either by staying at home or going for an outing or vacation.

Troubles in the past, haunting you and killing your spirit. For Eg:- Mental or Physical harassment experienced by your ex-lover, building ambiguity and skepticism in your new relationship.

• Spend more time with your new lover

• Reveal him/her the truth, every tiny bits of information of all the bad experiences you came across. If you have a good, understanding lover, he/she would definitely help you get over it.

• Try techniques such as meditation and get yourself involved in spiritual or religious activities. This too would help you get over it.

Financial problems in the household posing problems into one's education, work

behavior and general conduct. For Eg:- Parents unable to pay the child's school fees, or

the amount earned is insufficient to keep the family going.

• Try to find your own job (especially if you are a student) since this would reduce the burden on your parent's shoulders.

• Contribute any savings to the family budget.

• Cut down on any unwanted expenditures

• To help relieve the mind and brain, practice meditation.

Family background could also possibly be a huge problem, which would put down the mentality of an individual. For Eg:- A child who sees his/her parents fighting all day long, this would affect the mentality of the child, or if your children are stubborn and are vagabond-like, it would definitely affect the mentality of the parents.

Continuous counseling and a friend-like or peer-like behavior would help you build a better relationship with your family member, which would enable you to tackle the problem in an effective manner. Tolerance and patience would help you resolve most of these problems. These qualities could be developed by way of meditation and also by engaging in spiritual activities. If the problem seems to have gone far and is irresolvable, make sure that your uninvolved family members are kept away from the scene in concern. For Eg:- If the parents keep fighting everyday, please make sure that your child is either boarded in a hostel or is kept under the custody of a grandparent or relative.

Addictions and habits could also be a huge problem to all members of your family. Addiction to drugs (alcohol and cigarettes), sex and crime could be a menace to you, your household, and your neighborhood.

Counseling and rehabilitation is the best way of tackling a problem such as addiction.

Just as in any case, getting into religious activities and believing in God would help you get over any bad habits and addictions. Go see and seek advice from a monk, priest, father or any other elder. They would suggest the best way to put a stop to this horrible lifestyle. Exercising and working out could help you get over the addiction to any drug.

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